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Located in Northern NJ, SMB Recordings is a private, home recording studio with an abundant collection of boutique, high-end recording gear that combines great analog sound with a modern digital workflow. Our goal is to create and capture unique original music and audio with the best sound possible and continue to exceed our clients’ expectations. We offer recording, mixing and general audio production services in a relaxed, comfortable environment at very affordable rates.


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I am currently working with Stephen Babula, owner and operator of SMB Recordings, and thus far it has been an extremely positive and enjoyable experience. Steve is recording my narration for an audio book project, and he is consistently encouraging, patient and easygoing. I am looking forward to continuing my work with him, and would recommend him to anyone without any hesitation.
— John O.
I have worked with Steve at SMB Recordings on and off for years and my experience has always been top notch! Steve has great gear, a strong instrumental background, and is a whiz in the studio. He also has a great ear and is extremely creative on all aspects of recording, engineering, and production. The attention to detail with Steve is one of a kind and the recording atmosphere is very inviting and comfortable. If you want a great recording, and/or need something mixed or produced this is the guy to go to! You won’t be disappointed with SMB. I will be using Steve again for my next project early this spring!
— Brian W.
Steve was able to get the ideas and sounds I imagined down in ways others simply couldn’t. He understood what I was trying to accomplish and his creative influence really helped when it was needed. In addition to being very professional, he’s a great guy who’s presence adds a very positive vibe to the creative environment in his studio.
— Matt H.
I came to record one track, and ended up recording an entire album! Steve’s gift as a producer, engineer and project manager are unmatched in my experience. His musical background and knowledge is vast and eclectic, from rock to pop, singer-songwriters and everything in between. He is an incredible listener both in conversation about the project and when trying to get the ‘right take’ musically. Steve will truly help bring all of your creativity out of you without being pushy in any way. He’s flexible with schedules and his rates are great. I can’t say enough good things about SMB Recordings. He’s a patient engineer who knows how to use all of his excellent equipment to the full. Technically speaking, he gets an amazing vocal sound, and has a huge array of high quality digital instruments to work with. I have to say that I found my voice at SMB Recordings and I think you will too.
— Derek N.
If you’re looking to embark on a studio recording project, big or small, you cannot go wrong with Steve Babula. Steve has so much to offer, from his technical knowledge, to his production sense, to his multi-instrument abilities, to his mixing ear, and beyond. But I think what you will most appreciate and benefit from is Steve’s absolute commitment to whatever project he takes on. He has a streak of perfectionism in him that pushes him to do everything the right way. He takes the time to do things correctly, and with the best result in mind. Steve is an absolute craftsman. The fact that he is such a ridiculously nice, genuine, and patient person is just icing on the cake. If you haven’t worked with Steve yet, you have something to look forward to...
— Bill G.


About Me

Hello. MY NAME IS stephen.

But you can call me Steve. I started playing guitar when I was about 11 years old— it was something that transformed my life and propelled me on this never-ending musical journey that has been a constant thread throughout my entire life. I’ve played in lots of different local bands, write my own music and have met many great people and musicians along the way. Music for me, though, has never been just about playing guitar. More than anything, it has always been my number one creative outlet and a constant need-to-do-thing… like breathing. I am equal parts creative and technical. I love the creative, musical and soulful side of recording... but also love and am always challenged by the technical. The ultimate goal I strive for in every project is to capture true emotion and great sound.


A great recording always starts first with a great song, arrangement and musicians and I love the challenge of trying to bring out the best in all these things without ever getting in the way. Having amazing recording gear is helpful, but the most important part of any signal chain is the person… and I strive to be that person that musicians/artists want to work with because I can help them be at ease so they can create their music and make the recording process enjoyable. Give me a chance to work with you and I promise I will work hard to make your music and your audio better.


  • Audio Recording (In-Studio)
  • Audio Editing
  • Mixing (In-Studio)
  • Online Mixing (Send us your Files)
  • Voiceover and Audiobook Recording
  • Original Music Composition
  • Audio Clean-Up and Restoration
  • Graphic Design & Art Direction
  • Basic Video (Filming and Editing)