Client File Uploads

Let the Mixing Begin!

Before uploading your files, please make sure they are labeled and organized accordingly. Put everything in a folder labeled with your name and/or band name. ZIP the entire folder and then proceed to upload. 

Click here to upload your files. 

Mix Prep Guidelines:

Download PDF of Mix Guidelines

***First, please provide a rough mix (if you have it) so I can hear what you’ve been listening to while tracking and can get an idea of the overall vibe. We’ll use the rough to talk about any additional editing that may need to be done as well as your overall expectation of how you want it to sound.

If you have any reference mixes from other artists that are similar to your song and what you want to sound like, please send those as well. Before I start any mix, I will do a quick listen through and talk about any ideas prior to mixing.***

  1. Please include at note with your files that includes the bit depth and sample rate with which your song was recorded. If you need me to fix timing issues, then please also include the BPM and make sure you also include the click track.
  2. Please have every track or stem labeled exactly what it is (i.e. Guitar, Lead Guitar, Kick, Snare Top, Lead Vocal, etc.). Please no untitled tracks.
  3. Please have your arrangement settled prior to sending and exporting. I don’t need muted tracks or other takes... ONLY exactly what you are using in the song that you want me to mix.
  4. Make sure there are no clicks or pops in the recordings and all your editing is completed.
  5. Consolidate all the tracks from the beginning of your session (Bar 1) in the DAW program you’re using so that all files start at the same time. Even if there is blank audio in the beginning or anywhere else, I need this so I can drop it into Pro Tools and it will line up perfectly.
  6. If using plug-ins in your session that you had going for a rough mix or while tracking please take these off as I will want the raw tracks for mixing. The exception is anything you want there in the mix and it’s part of the production sound. I will then let you know if I have those same plugins.
  7. If there are specific FX that you have on any of your tracks and are part of the production sound, then please print them as audio tracks.
  8. Print all Midi and Virtual Instrument tracks and any Amp Simulators to an audio track.
  9. If using any program other than Pro Tools please export the consolidated files from Bar 1, put them in a folder labeled with the song name and label each track accordingly. 
    Please export mono tracks as mono files and stereo tracks as stereo files.
  10. If you are using Pro Tools, you can send the session without exporting it, but everything else still applies that is on this list. Include memory locations (if possible) for each section of the song.

Please note, these are general guidelines that cover most things, but if you have any specific questions, please email me ( and we will figure out a solution. Thanks!