CAPI VC528 Summing Mixer

Things are starting to get a little serious around here...

I've been using a summing mixer for awhile now in order to improve both the sound and workflow of mixing in the box. But even after summing, I found myself printing stems separately and then doing additional processing through a pair of CAPI VP28 preamps which also have great hi-pass filters. I was filtering each stem individually based on how I wanted it to fit with the overall mix and in the end, it would help me achieve more width and better separation. The only issue is that it was tedious to do this on every mix and very time consuming. 

I started doing some research and discovered the CAPI VC528 (ML-2's)... otherwise referred to as "Missing Links." They are very similar to the VP28's with regard to the op-amp stages and have a lot more filtering options. That got me thinking... what if I could fill up a summing mixer with these? I'd be able to achieve the same result I was getting before, but with a much more convenient workflow and no need to print and process stems individually... saving much more time.

Enter the Heritage Audio MCM-8 as my new summing mixer base, add in 8 channels of CAPI VC528 goodness and boom... feels like I now have a mini-API-NEVE-ish-console as the new centerpiece to my studio. The more I work with it and get familiar with the workflow, the more I'm appreciating how great it sounds. I am super happy with all the features and flexibility.

A big thank you again to Billy Pratt at Audibility Recording for the build and excellent service! Now... time to get some work done...

Stephen BabulaComment