Voiceover/Audiobook Session

I have my 2nd voiceover recording session tonight in the studio (of many more to come) for an upcoming audio book (to be completed Summer 2017). The author found and booked me through my profile on Thumbtack.com (Thanks Thumbtack!)

We tested out several different mics on the author's voice, including a vintage Neumann U87, AEA R44 CNE Ribbon Mic and the Bock Audio 151. The Bock 151 ended up being the best choice for this project. It has a great proximity effect with it's fixed cardioid pattern, giving a larger than life sound. It also has great top-end detail without getting too harsh or sibilant.

The audiobook itself is a unique memoir about the late Hollywood actress Yvette Vickers. It features a collection of personal phone messages left for the author himself, interspersed with his commentary on her life and his friendship with her. It's been a great project to work on and I'm excited to hear the end result!

Stephen BabulaComment