Rock Guitar Instrumentals

Check out some rock guitar instrumentals I recently re-recorded and mixed from my old band My Locomotive. These were originally recorded in 2003 by Alap Momin in his studio. I had all the files on an old hard-drive and decided to pull them up, re-track some guitars for fun and re-mix the project to see what I could do with it now, 15 years later! I had a lot of fun re-learning all my old guitar parts!

Video Tutorial: Guitar Double Tracking and Double Mic'ing Guitar Amps

This video demonstrates some basic ways to achieve wider, thicker sounding, more separated guitar tracks in a rock-based arrangement by double tracking guitar parts and also double-mic'ing guitar amps. 

Song Credits: "Friendly Fire" by My Locomotive. Recorded in 2003 by Alap Momin. Edited and Mixed in 2018 by Stephen Michael Babula at SMB Recordings. Song written and performed by My Locomotive (Lawrence R. Laudadio, Matt Huppert, Jason Tyburczy, Marco Woodward and Stephen Babula.)

Music Video-Single from The Hollow

I recorded and mixed this song "Killing Time" for The Hollow in Summer 2017 here at my studio. The song came out great and the video (done by David Patino) is pretty amazing as well. It's nice when all the pieces come together. The song is available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

Preamp Shootout

This is a video I self-filmed and edited for a preamp and op-amp Shootout between an API 3124 and CAPI VP28 (500 Series) preamps. The API 3124 was tested with the original stock Op Amps as well as Red Dot Op Amps. The CAPI VP28 was tested with Gar2520 Op Amps as well as Red Dot Op Amps. Both Raw tracks and mixed tracks are part of the playlist. No additional processing was done when recording the raw tracks. All MIXED tracks received the same exact processing.